1. but what about erotical giant dream?

  5. I have work featured in Sub-Rosa, the latest endeavor by Leipzig-based art interest group Info-Punkt. It’s a truly gorgeous document featuring a diverse group of artists, many of whom I have long held in highest esteem and feel honored to be included alongside them. You can access it in its entirety here, with the password “Rose.” 

  8. eviscerateyoungcaptain:

    Dorcas and Franny origin story for RIPEXPO. Spoilers: Mother was a princess from Memphis, Dad dies in a casket factory accident and his infuriated spirit turns into rats. True story!!

  9. slongo:

    ~working on Leslie Weibeler's new comic Bow vs Bow. finishing touches. should be ready for CAKE Chicago at the end of the month. :)

    Leslie and I will be sharing a table at RIPExpo in August also!

    (via continno-exercise)


    my MFA show is coming up 5/15/14 rlly excited 


  12. Full Anarcho-syndicalism Under Franny ?

  13. 2 pgs about girls 

  14. katherinepoe:

    Dorcas and Franny spend their Saturday in Bat Cave